I woke on Thursday and, being in a state park, I had to make my own coffee.  Let’s see where is everything.  Found what I needed, but had to dig through the trunk to find things, bu lo.  good coffee.  I packed up to head out.  I’ve come up with a routine it seems.  I spend the morning writing blog posts and then travel in the afternoons.  I spent the morning at the McDonalds in Baraboo, writing.  Checked out Walmart for groceries.  I’ve discovered that Walmart for groceries is fairly expensive as groceries go and nothing is really local.  Just an observation.  I did find peanut butter without all the additives save for the PET jar it’s packed in.

There wasn’t much to report about Wisconsin.  I sort of passed through.  I did make a stop to take a few photos of the stunningly beautiful countryside.  The entire time all I could hear in my head was Cliff Robertsons voice urging me to purchase Wisconsin cheese.   I snapped a few photos near the town of York.

I got through to Minneapolis-St.Paul just in time for rush hour.  I circled around the north of the city and found a free campsite in Monticello at the Mississippi County Park on the shore of the Mississippi river.  There wasn’t much to see as it was dark when I arrived.