For what seems like forever, I’ve been trying to get Linux workstations and servers to communicate and share files via Samba.  We won’t get into the complete lack of coherent management tools for Samba.  I digress.

The Windows clients could connect without issue.  The Linux clients would not connect.  Well, they would connect, but would never authenticate properly.  Finally running testparm (forgot about that one) found the issue.  the issue was that map to guest was set to either nobody or smbuser.  Either way, it would not work.  If the value is not valid, Samba defaults to map to guest = never which breaks Linux clients.

So I checked the docs, yet again and found the options for map to guest and how they worked.

The end result is to change map to guest = bad user.  Poof, everything came up roses.  See what happens when you end up working mostly with Windows … ahem … 10?

I hope this helps anyone who stumbles across it.