A quote came up this morning while watching videos by “Playing for Change.” Quite a few of these videos bring tears of joy. Thank you Joanne Arnold for linking to this playlist this morning.

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream.  A dream you dream together is a reality” –John Lennon

I dream of a world that lives in kindness. Where all people are kind to one another. A world where everyone respects those who believe differently than they do. A world where we use our resources wisely to help our fellow beings, human and non-human rather than destroy them. Where we use our resources wisely to sustain our Mother Earth rather than destroy her. Where we walk in love with each other not in fear.

Oh Great Spirit, help me to live in harmony with others. Please help me to be more sensitive to them, to reach out in kindness and lift them up. please help me to walk in light and dispel fear. Please help me to sow the seeds peace. Amen

They say I’m a dreamer. Please let me not be the only one.