It was a wet and wild night in Fargo.  The wind was really ripping and it rained hard all night with the occasional flash of lightning and rumble of thunder.  Getting up early, I headed out to a coffee shop with problematic wifi and worked on this blog.  Very friendly folks.   Turns out I was there most of the morning.  It’s become a routine to write in the morning and drive in the afternoon with a break for a short nap.  Seems to be a necessity.  It’s something I’ve always had to deal with.  I digress.

Fargo is a city that is expanding.  There’s lots of building going on there.  The style of development is typical homogeneous Americana – sprawled out, inefficient and heaven forbid you’re on a bicycle.  As in Maine, you’re taking your life into your hands.  I crossed the Red River there.

Started out in the early afternoon in the driving rain and wind.  it was not fun driving and it was exhausting.  I pulled of the highway at the corner of no and where and found a church where I stopped to take a short nap.  By then the rain was mostly over.  I drove out from under the clouds and the North Dakota prairie opened up in front of me.  Even though it’s really flat and there is nothing to stop the wind, it’s beautiful.  It seemed about every 30 feet to snap photos.  In reality, though it was about every 20 or 30 miles.  At one point I wanted to get off the highway and go a way from it a couple of miles.  North Dakota does not pave roads in the middle of nowhere.  Neither does Maine for that matter.  I lived in central Maine for a bit and there were some very nice gravel roads there.   Now the car needs a bath.  It looks like it’s been off-roading in North Dakota.

As I approached Bismarck, I noticed McDowell Dam Recreational area.  I thought that I might find a campsite.  I didn’t find a campsite, but I found a very nice spot to take sunset photos.  I then headed to another Walmart.