Samba connectivity

For what seems like forever, I’ve been trying to get Linux workstations and servers to communicate and share files via Samba.  We won’t get into the complete lack of coherent management tools for Samba.  I digress.

The Windows clients could connect without issue.  The Linux clients would not connect.  Well, they would connect, but would never authenticate properly.  Finally running testparm (forgot about that one) found the issue.  the issue was that map to guest was set to either nobody or smbuser.  Either way, it would not work.  If the value is not valid, Samba defaults to map to guest = never which breaks Linux clients.

So I checked the docs, yet again and found the options for map to guest and how they worked.

The end result is to change map to guest = bad user.  Poof, everything came up roses.  See what happens when you end up working mostly with Windows … ahem … 10?

I hope this helps anyone who stumbles across it.

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WordPress password reset

I was just at the wordpress support site about manually resetting a password.  They had some long drawn out procedure involving a text file and the md5 command to create the md5 sum of a password in the file.  My Ubuntu 12.04 server did not have the md5 command line tool and as it turns out, it’s not necessary.  MySQL has the md5 function built in.  So to manually reset a password where you have direct access to the database you simply use the following commands.

USE wordpressdatabase;
UPDATE wp-user SET wp-pass = MD5('some_password_you_have_chosen') where wp-user = 'the_wordpress_user_name';

That’s it.

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A dream

A quote came up this morning while watching videos by “Playing for Change.” Quite a few of these videos bring tears of joy. Thank you Joanne Arnold for linking to this playlist this morning.

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream.  A dream you dream together is a reality” –John Lennon

I dream of a world that lives in kindness. Where all people are kind to one another. A world where everyone respects those who believe differently than they do. A world where we use our resources wisely to help our fellow beings, human and non-human rather than destroy them. Where we use our resources wisely to sustain our Mother Earth rather than destroy her. Where we walk in love with each other not in fear.

Oh Great Spirit, help me to live in harmony with others. Please help me to be more sensitive to them, to reach out in kindness and lift them up. please help me to walk in light and dispel fear. Please help me to sow the seeds peace. Amen

They say I’m a dreamer. Please let me not be the only one.


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Being Pagan

This just came across my facebook feed.  It’s almost perfect.  I’m going argue some of it’s points.

Being Pagan

“The term Pagan applies to any faith other than: Christianity, Judaism or Muslim.  Paganism is the largest and oldest faith in the world.”

Well, I would argue there are also other not so dogmatic faiths in the world besides the Abrahamic faiths mentioned.  Among them I would add Buddhism, Hindu, Sikh, Druid, Ba’hai, Deism.

“Pagans can be monotheistic (believing in one divine begin) or polytheistic (believing in multiple divine beings).  There is no right or wrong belief system.  All paths lead to the same destination; the divine.”

I agree.

“Pagans are often solitary practitioners.  It is not necessary to join a group, grove, coven or church.  Practicing with others is a personal choice.  The divine is not found in a book or building.  It is all around you all the time.”

I agree with the statement that the divine is not found in a book or a building.  The reference is to the Torah, Bible, and the Q’uran and churches.  However, most pagans build an altar of some form or another.  It may not be permanent, but usually there is one.  The church building, Mosque, Synagogue, Temple is a place to gather for worship, whatever form that may be.  The divine is not found there, just worshiped there.  As for the book (at least from my Christian training), the book is a collection of moralistic stories inspired by the divine.  It’s ancient, it’s incomplete, altered and poorly translated from it’s original language.  I would argue that all of the ancient writings have been altered.  Even ancient Arabic does not translate to modern Arabic that well.

As whatever I am of Christian training, I don’t feel it’s necessary to join a group or practice with others.  I would go as far to say that anyone of a real faith in the divine would say the same, even if they believe in Jehovah, Yeshua or Mohammed.  And I believe the realm of heaven is with in me, it’s with you and it’s within Mother Earth, the trees, the rocks, the flowers, the creepy-crawlies, the birds, and the 4 legged.  The divine is truly all around.

“An eclectic Pagan is a person who follows parts of multiple faith systems to honor the divine.  This very common and widely accepted.  Faith and belief is as individual as DNA or Fingerprints.   One size does not fit all.”

Faith maybe, but not belief.  Beliefs are learned and indicate dogma.  Faith and belief are two different things.  What I believe is very different from holding to a belief.  Faith, on the other hand, is flexible, open, fluid and ever changing.

“Pagans do not try to convert others.  Faith and belief is something you are born with.  They cannot be forced upon anyone.  Each person must look inside themselves to find the path that leads them to their divine being.”

The next paragraph, however, attempts the opposite what this paragraph says.

“Do not believe anything that does not feel right to you.  Many people believe their religious faith system and they (sic.) way they practice it, are the only way to be religious or spiritual.  They are wrong.   All belief systems are rooted in the practice of doing good and being good.  As long as your faith harms no one and nothing, you are honoring yourself, your world, and your divine.”

Well, that paragraph is loaded.  Telling people what they believe or how they believe it is wrong, is wrong.  If that paragragh lost the 2nd and 3rd sentences, it would be OK.

“Do not hate or discriminate another person for their faith.  Do not hate or discriminate another faith system.  Get to know people as individuals.  Try to understand even if you don’t agree.  Coexist.’

That one is perfect.

All of that said, there are parts of Christianity that I like.  I also feel that Christianity has lost its way in its dogmas.  It’s lost its spiritual roots.  It forgets that the laying on of hands comes from the practice of Reiki or that burning incense is a way of smudging the space clearing it of energy.  All of the ancient cathedrals and churges didn’t have one altar, they had many, many altars.  Each family would worship individually at one of the altars.  Much of what Christianity, especially fundamentalist Christianity,  has today has become a twisted and toxic shadow of what it once was.  It’s why I call myself a Paganistic-Christian.


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You are your thoughts

I’m going start this with a nerd reference.

Luke Skywalker said to Yoda after Yoda used the force to get Luke’s fighter out of the swamp on Degobah, “I don’t believe it!”

Yoda replied, “That is why you fail.”

Your thoughts become your reality. Too often I catch myself saying, “Never in my lifetime …”  or, “I don’t believe it.”  Well, you know what? As soon as I have that thought, I’ve jinxed it.  By even thinking that to myself, I’m sabotaging whatever it is that I desire  whether that be material, personal, spiritual or otherwise.

I’ve heard so many stories that never seemed to register about people who say to themselves, I just want to die.”  Stop it.  Your mind will find a way to make that happen.  You will make yourself sick with any number of things and they will die.   I watched this happen to my father.

When my mother was dying of cancer in 1981, she went to Bernie Siegel, MD in New Haven to taught imagery therapy.  It was spiritual healing,  meditation in which the patient would meditate and imagine themselves getting better. They imagined themselves fighting off the cancer. It worked. My mother beat her prognosis. She was actually in remission at one point.  When she stopped and went back to work, things went bad again. It was the power of her mind that helped her heal.

How many countless stories and studies have there been of the “placebo effect?” You all know the placebo effect, don’t you? A person is given an inert sugar pill and told that it’s a very powerful drug that will relieve their suffering. The person get’s better. Why is that? Because the person believes they will get better.  They believe they will get better, so their mind makes it happen.

It’s a little like what happens when a baseball pitcher throws a pitch.  He really doesn’t aim.  He simply looks at where he wants the ball to go.  His mind and body make it happen.  It works the same way with anything else.  Find your target and set your sight on it, but don’t aim.

So my latest struggle is to catch myself when those negative thought pop up, undo them, then let them go.   It will because I know it will.  I don’t beat myself up over it, I just note that it has happened,  Sometimes I catch myself beating myself up about it, too.  I have to stop myself.  “Keep thinking like that and it won’t.”  That’s almost as bad as the original thought.   So I change the thought and let the negative part go, “Yep, it’ll happen when the time is right.”

Thoughts happen.  Sometimes thoughts are negative.  I have to acknowledge them and let them go.  The negative thoughts are happening less and less.  I have to unlearn what I have learned.

If you want to heal, believe that you can heal.  Meditate on healing and imagine yourself healing.  Imagine your life as a healthy person.

I’ve decided to start thinking in a new (to me) may.  That is I believe it will happen; not I think it will happen, but it will happen.  I’ve already had some experience with this earlier this year.

It will be if I believe it will be.  This is not to say that there is no work involved.  It’s not going to be if I just sit back and hope that it happens.  I have to make itbe.  I have to create a path and start down it.  I have to take those first steps.  That path may not be straight,  Thee might be obstacles on it, but that’ s no matter.  It’s about the journey not the destination.

Change is scary.   Making a change moves you from the known into the unknown.  I feel the unknown is an adventure and I love adventure.  Sure there’s fear involved, but nothing worth having or doing doesn’t involve taking a chance and facing that fear.  Taking that first step is the hardest.  Manifesting that change starts with that step.  Manifesting that change starts with me.

Believe it and step onto the path.



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Ubuntu, postfix, saslauthd

Well it’s taken me days to find the solution to get postfix, saslauthd to work with a remote imap server.

It turns out that the key is saslauthd runs chrooted and needs to look for it’s socket file in the chroot jail in /var/spool/postfix/var/spool/saslauthd. Once I symbolically linked that file with /var/run/saslauthd.magic happened.

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VMWare Server 2.0 is annoying

If you power up a virtual machine, especially linux, you won’t get access to the console until the unit is either almost fully booted or fully booted. So if your trying to troubleshoot a startup problem, you can’t. You can’t reset power on the virtual machine, because the console will go away and you won’t get it back until the virutal machine is booted. I’ve not taken to logging into the machine and issuing a reboot command immediately after booting so that I can monitor what’s going on.

So annoying.

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Got a speeding ticket

Out on the Maine turnpike yesterday, I got a speeding ticket from an state trooper in an unmarked light brown Ford Crown Victoria near exit 43 (Maine Mall).  He got me for 68 in a 55 when cars regularly go much faster than that through that section of road and where other cars were traveling faster than I was.  He warned me to slow down.  Statistically speed is not the cause of most accidents (especially on interstates), cell phone use, texting and alcohol are.  This is simply a revenue raising exercise.  And since the State Police are patrolling a private toll road, the private toll road should be footing the bill for them being there.  But that’s another discussion.

I have never gotten a speeding ticket in Maine except from an unmarked car.  So to that end, if the Maine State Police want to be sneaky, that’s fine.  I’m going to publicize it so that if you’re traveling in Maine, you know what to expect.  So keep your eyes peeled, here.  I intend to take photos of every speed trap that I see and document it’s location.  I intend to take photos of every unmarked police vehicle that I see.  So far I have seen several Ford Mustangs, Several Mercury Marquis (Mercury’s version of the Ford Crown Victoria), a Dodge Charger, a black Jeep Cherokee,  a red Chevrolet Z71 pickup truck, a Ford Excursion and several Dodge pickup trucks.  The Dodge pickup trucks tend to be marked.

The Maine State Police use a combination of Ka band radars  and when stationary, they use infrared laser.  Many traffic cameras and other construction signs have a K band radar on them.  The emergency “speed limit 40” signs along I-295 all have K band radars on them (necessitating the police use Ka band) as well as traffic cams.  However, it is illegal in Maine for the police to use traffic cams for speed enforcement purposes.

If you’re a trucker, the police tend to hang out at the barrier tolls in New Gloucester, South Portland (I-295) and York.

I have seen speed traps (usually at exit 40) where the State Police will park an unmarked white van on an overpass and will use a laser to gauge your speed.  They then have chase cars positioned on the on-ramp to chase you down.  They will use marked and unmarked cars in that effort.  It is usually set up during the day.  Their new lasers do not set up my older cobra laser detector.  I’m shopping for a newer radar/laser detector.  As I put in the memo field on my check, the payment was a down payment on a newer/improved model.

So be alert, the police don’t know it, but after doubling of the fines a few years ago and then stepping up enforcement shows a policy that this level of speed enforcement is revenue enhancement and nothing more.

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Sharepoint Services Errors

Had a whole host of errors while working with a new Sharepoint Server installation.  I’m using Sharepoint 2010.  I couldn’t add document libraries to subsites.  I couldn’t update information in a datasheet view of a custom list.  I would get “site could not be found” errors on setting up document libraries.  I would get “page could not be found” on the datasheet problem.  I had actually found the solution about 10 minutes into researching the first problem.  I continued to spin my wheels looking for other solutions because I had applied the first solution incorrectly.  Part of my problem was that my installation of MS Office 2007 was not quite right.  The MS Office diagnostic tool found a problem and corrected it.  That changed the second error into an error about a response returning from a different domain from where Internet Explorer sent the request.  That was while updating the datasheet view.  Aha!

The fix was by going to the Alternate Access Mappings in the Central Administration tool and adding the FQDN of the server under the base site name on port 80.  Both problems went away when I did that.

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Apache and webdav

I’ve been working on getting webdav enabled on my webservers at It’s been a bit of an adventure. My brother is a developer working from a Mac. He’s been having trouble reading the source of PHP files. I’ve looked high and low for a solution and then stumbled across this page: Apache Tips and Tricks

On that page the other give a really simple fix that works really well.

as part of your webdav configuration for the folder simply add, “php_flag engine off”

Who knew?

<Location /webdav>
php_flag engine off
DAV on

It worked like a charm.

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