I’m going start this with a nerd reference.

Luke Skywalker said to Yoda after Yoda used the force to get Luke’s fighter out of the swamp on Degobah, “I don’t believe it!”

Yoda replied, “That is why you fail.”

Your thoughts become your reality. Too often I catch myself saying, “Never in my lifetime …”  or, “I don’t believe it.”  Well, you know what? As soon as I have that thought, I’ve jinxed it.  By even thinking that to myself, I’m sabotaging whatever it is that I desire  whether that be material, personal, spiritual or otherwise.

I’ve heard so many stories that never seemed to register about people who say to themselves, I just want to die.”  Stop it.  Your mind will find a way to make that happen.  You will make yourself sick with any number of things and they will die.   I watched this happen to my father.

When my mother was dying of cancer in 1981, she went to Bernie Siegel, MD in New Haven to taught imagery therapy.  It was spiritual healing,  meditation in which the patient would meditate and imagine themselves getting better. They imagined themselves fighting off the cancer. It worked. My mother beat her prognosis. She was actually in remission at one point.  When she stopped and went back to work, things went bad again. It was the power of her mind that helped her heal.

How many countless stories and studies have there been of the “placebo effect?” You all know the placebo effect, don’t you? A person is given an inert sugar pill and told that it’s a very powerful drug that will relieve their suffering. The person get’s better. Why is that? Because the person believes they will get better.  They believe they will get better, so their mind makes it happen.

It’s a little like what happens when a baseball pitcher throws a pitch.  He really doesn’t aim.  He simply looks at where he wants the ball to go.  His mind and body make it happen.  It works the same way with anything else.  Find your target and set your sight on it, but don’t aim.

So my latest struggle is to catch myself when those negative thought pop up, undo them, then let them go.   It will because I know it will.  I don’t beat myself up over it, I just note that it has happened,  Sometimes I catch myself beating myself up about it, too.  I have to stop myself.  “Keep thinking like that and it won’t.”  That’s almost as bad as the original thought.   So I change the thought and let the negative part go, “Yep, it’ll happen when the time is right.”

Thoughts happen.  Sometimes thoughts are negative.  I have to acknowledge them and let them go.  The negative thoughts are happening less and less.  I have to unlearn what I have learned.

If you want to heal, believe that you can heal.  Meditate on healing and imagine yourself healing.  Imagine your life as a healthy person.

I’ve decided to start thinking in a new (to me) may.  That is I believe it will happen; not I think it will happen, but it will happen.  I’ve already had some experience with this earlier this year.

It will be if I believe it will be.  This is not to say that there is no work involved.  It’s not going to be if I just sit back and hope that it happens.  I have to make itbe.  I have to create a path and start down it.  I have to take those first steps.  That path may not be straight,  Thee might be obstacles on it, but that’ s no matter.  It’s about the journey not the destination.

Change is scary.   Making a change moves you from the known into the unknown.  I feel the unknown is an adventure and I love adventure.  Sure there’s fear involved, but nothing worth having or doing doesn’t involve taking a chance and facing that fear.  Taking that first step is the hardest.  Manifesting that change starts with that step.  Manifesting that change starts with me.

Believe it and step onto the path.